The modern chip is like an Army Ant - performing functions greater than its size suggests. Hot chips do a few extra functions.

PAMELA ANDERSON isn't the only one into silicone enhancements - scads of motorists are finding that a little undercover augmentation can dramatically alter their 'performance'. There are, however, some major differences - no waiting list, no inconvenience, no social downers. And the surgery is virtually painless - physically and on the hip pocket nerve.

Performance chips are plastic surgery for automobiles - without the side effects.

Proven in action, they have achieved total social acceptance (provided the supplier is reputable). Heck, even new car dealers slyly recommend them to customers (or even fit them)!

Good chips are effective, bullet proof

and undetectable. In many cases, they can be self-installed. Some are even switchable.

For those who need to know, a Chip is a small silicon microchip which controls the car's computer (or brain). This small computer, which now has the power of a late-model desktop PC, utilities its computing power to control everything from gearshift points to servicing - but particularly to manage the electronic fuel injection system.

The Chip contains a 'Map' or 'directory' which the computer uses to control a variety of engine functions. Mass production methods, government regulations and variations from country to country mean that the average standard 'Map' is very restricted. But

white-coated tuning experts in their climate-controlled labs can change the 'Map' to make the perform better with little more than a few simple keystrokes on the computer keyboard.

Checked and tested on the road and dyno, the changes can be written into the replacement chip for instance, 'non-engineering improvement. While initial development may have been restricted to prestige and more expensive models, the speed with which costs have dropped in relation to the development of electronic componentry has been such that the 'technology leak down' to base model cars has become a downpour! The industry catchcry suggests the Chip is the 'Instant Fix' to all motoring woes - but the real trick is finding the right application.

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