The modern chip is like an Army Ant - performing functions greater than its size suggests. Hot chips do a few extra functions.

The Targets

In spite of what the sales brochures and 'customer advisers' claim, today's electronically 'whizz banged' cars do still have problems. And the majority of those problems, often as not, are engine related. Today's engines are often 'strangled' by the manufactures to meet emissions requirements and fuel economy needs. This in itself results in common problems such as flat spots at various in the power or acceleration curve, lumpy, uneven idling, indeterminate shift points in auto transmissions, hot spots in the ignition and lean running at the top end of the rev range, resulting in poor acceleration performance at crucial overtaking speeds. Smaller, high-reving, multi-valve engines have also become very fuel sensitive -

reacting poorly to the widely varying octane ratings of lead-free fuels, a situation the fuel manufactures seem to ignore. For the average driver, this manifest itself as sluggish performance and poor engine response

This can all be fixed - and without the inconvenience of having your car off the road while your dealer's service department struggles to overcome a problem it's own diagnostic computer claims does not exist! After all, the computer is only as good as what you feed into it - and it is unlikely to pick up a 'Manufactures-introduced' fault!

Quote: Enter the 'aftermarket' Chip - the grease-free replacement fix for electo-mechanical headaches; the ten minute installation that should solve your woes and provide a little more driving pleasure

to boot!

The Benefits

Immediately obvious are smoother, easier starting, improved performance - generally in the low and mid ranges - and much improved throttle response. Hand-in-hand comes smoother auto shifting and better engine response overall.


The clever part about 'Chips' is the fact that so much can be achieved with so little.

The standard replacement chip is remapped to alter the way in which fuel is delivered. At the same time the spark is usually reset (advanced/retard) to suit the known

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