VOLKSWAGON GOLF VR6, 5-spd manual

A cult-car of the late 70s and early-80s the Golf GTi was the poor man's Porsche. Chiefly because of price, Volkswagon's new generation Golfs have not quite hit the spot, although the VR6 is beginning to gain something of the following.

Still often tagged with the 'yuppie' label, the Golf is a good little car and in V6 form, not a bad little highway stormer.


Twelve additional kilowatts and 18 Newton meters of torque are the measurable gains offered by Powerchip

Powerchip for an investment of just $650.00. This means the Golf VR6 has 140kw of power when 'chipped'. The chip also extends the rev limit on the on the V6 engine by 500rpm. Other than the Chip, the test vehicle was stock standard.


Picking up a second here and a second there, the 'Chipped' Golf showed surprising gains on the each-way runs against the electronic timers. Gearshifts were easier and smoother and the car felt better generally. Much smoother,

more responsive and easier to drive - the benefits of the Chip will win the hearts of 'yuppie' owners more concerned with comfort and ease of driving, than outright performance.

Pulling those seconds out of the overtaking brackets will obviously improve the car's on-road safety.

What is really obvious however, is that there are major benefits still to be gained with this car - namely by fitting a good exhaust (Remus) and an improved air filter - then fitting the custom Chip accordingly.

VOLKSWAGON GOLF VR6, 5-spd manual
60-100km/h (3rd)
80-120km/h (3rd)

SUBARU WRX TURBO, 5-spd manual

An exciting car at any time, the Subaru WRX for this test came equipped with a Powerchip ($650.00), turbo boost controller, sports exhaust system and sports air filter.

One of the best 'production' four cylinder performance cars currently available in an off-the-shelf package, the WRX is an excellent example of race/rally car technology (World Rally Championship) being passed down to a road-going model.


Powerchip is proud of its Subaru WRX

chip - claiming to have made the car 'come alive'. Even though the Subaru offers a great power package as standard, it's superbly engineered chassis tends to make its on-road performance feel a bit bland.

The Powerchip increases the turbo's boost pressure which adds around 15kw of power. This is a simple Chip which remaps the boost, advances the spark at low revs and richens the fuel to compensate for the greater boost.


The Subaru is a very special car - lightning fast and amazingly surefooted,

yet deceptively smooth and pleasant to drive. The four-wheel-drive system is superbly tuned and even with full acceleration put its power to the ground to slingshot the car out of a hole without so much as a chirp from the tyres.

With the increased boost, chip and better breathing, the car shows big performance gains in the gears, yet still remains a pleasant, smooth car to drive.

Spectacular gains are available higher up in the third and fourth gear overtaking brackets between 80 and 120km/h!

SUBARU WRX TURBO, 5-spd manual
S 1/4 14.8 13.99
60-100km/h (2nd) 3.88 2.64
60-100km/h (3rd) 5.05 3.70
80-120km/h (3rd) 5.53 3.49
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