CHIPS are the clip-in, drive-away, power-up solution for the modern automobile. We stack-up eight road cars in a back-to-back chip comparo...

The modern mass-stamped car is efficient, economical, high-tech, reliable - and boring!

Despite the commercial hype, volume production cars are frequently far from satisfying. Many are underpowered (particularly small-bore European and Japanese products), some are fuel sensitive and too many are sluggish and unresponsive in the upper gears - making mountains out of molehills and turning traffic into a tedious chore.

'Dead spots' occur at critical points in the power band - like just when you pull out for that critical overtaking move!

The average automatic gearshift does a very good impersonation of the great white gear-hunter, constantly searching up and down the box for the right slot. And even the best cars can have rough idle, getaway bog-down, jerky over-run, snatchy gearshift action, and 'black holes' in the torque curve.

This is no doubt the reason why up to 35% of cars on the road are modified by their disgruntled owners.

Unfortunately the speed shop is no longer the answer. Take a spanner to your car these days and you could

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