It's a tall order to get a noticeable improvement out of a Porsche - but that's exactly what happened. In standard condition, the Carrera 2 proved to be one difficult beast to get off the line smoothly. Use less than 4000rpm for a (hard) launch and it bogged down - use 5000-plus revs, and (this example, at least) spun the wheels and lost traction. Even so, good times were posted for the 0-100km/h figure (6.75 seconds) and the standing quarter (14.38). Not bad for a 184kW (247bhp) coupe.

With chip:

The Powerchip gives the Porsche a 15% power gain - from 184kW (247bhp) to 212kW (291bhp). With the chip installed, the car steaked off the line with just 4500rpm - no wheelspin and no flat-spot. The acceleration was smooth and rapid - this earlier model felt just like the latest Carrera 2.

Up-shifts at the red-line were smoother, while (typical) Porsche traits of surge and backlash (when getting off and then back on the accelerator) disappeared. Midrange punch (torque) also improved. Oh, and the car sounded angrier!

This chip extracts more power with improved timing and delivers more fuel in high rev zones. The results are handy - even at Porsche performance levels.

PORSCHE 911 CARRERA 2 (manual)

Stand Chip
0-100 6.75 5.76
S 1/4 14.38 13.93
60-100km/h, 2nd 2.95 2.75
80-120km/h, 3rd 5.02 4.39
4 - AR&T SUMMER 1995

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