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Does Powerchip offer an upgrade for my E39 M5?
Powerchip has designed an incredible upgrade for the M5 which has been developed from when the vehicle was first released.

The R&D Department at Powerchip spent an extensive amount of time working on the 4.9L V8. For in depth technical information, check the M5 board.

The Powerchip Gold98 upgrade provides a more aggressive and lively M5 than the standard vehicle, meaning more fun on the road for the driver. This quick, simple, and easy upgrade transforms the way the V8 responds.
How does Powerchip upgrade my BMW?
Over the past six months, the Senior Technicians of Powerchip's R&D Department together with our Research Partners have been working on Powerflash, the next generation of performance software equipment.

The new technology allows the upgrading of the M5 with Powerchip software directly through the diagnostic port; rather than modifying the ECU physically.

Powerflash marks a brand new era for Powerchip and the performance chip industry at large. If you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, or Perth, you can have your BMW upgraded with Powerchip technology tomorrow, while you wait.

The Powerchip Gold98 upgrade through Powerflash takes very little time, and does not even require the bonnet to be opened. This means that physically nothing changes on your M5, and your time is kept to a minimum.
Will the Powerchip increase the power of the car?
The BMW E39 M5 is a highly tuned vehicle from the factory. The main areas in which the Powerchip upgrade can improve on is during part throttle (daily driving) power. Part throttle power cannot be measured on a dyno. Rather than claiming power outputs that many of our competitors faulsely advertise, we openly admit that the power we make on the M5 at Wide Open Throttle (WOT) is low.

But you don't drive your car on a dyno. The road is where the Powerchip makes the difference. And the confidence in the M5 Powerchip upgrade is reflected in the 14 day money-back performance guarantee.

We know from M5 owners who have already experienced the Powerchip in their cars that the V8 feels stronger and more eager to rev. We know that it improves the way the car responds, with better drivability, and more fun.
What will the Powerchip software change?
Powerchip upgrades are all about improving drivability and having more fun on the road.

The E39 M5 is already an extremely well-tuned vehicle, but like most cars, there are still tolerances left in the car.

Powerchip software modifies ignition timing on part throttle driving (day-to-day) to run 98 octane specifically, ensuring a smoother delivery of the power from the V8.

Another aspect of the Powerchip upgrade that changes the way the M5 responds are the throttle response maps. In a drive-by-wire car such as the E39 M5, the throttle is linked directly with the DME. Powerchip tunes for aggressive throttle reponse so the car is easier to drive in traffic, and more fun to drive on the open road.
What our customers say:
Submitted by: Ridwan Y, Australia
Car: BMW M5 E39 4.9 V8
Testimonial added:
Customer comments:

Performance of the chip is very commendable. The beast has become more sensitive to my right foot. Torque pull is very noticeably felt after the upgrade. Passing other car in highway is easy in 5th gear. Installation is a breeze, everyone familiar with laptop/PC can do it.

Service from the staff is 1st class. These people treat you like a VIP customer.

Try the chip, it's a must for a beast owner. Really worth the money.

Submitted by: Robert K of Melbourne, FL, United States
Car: BMW M5 E39 4.9 V8
Chip purchased: January, 2003
Testimonial added:
Customer comments:

WOW...What a difference the Powerchips program makes. I had another companies program on and it was better than stock but Powerchips even out did that company. The car is now a rocket with the most aggressive throttle mapping program offered on there. I could not be happier with it. Now if there was an even more aggressive program...that would be for me.

Any E39 BMW M5 owner should at least give this program a try, what do you have to loose? Just about everything!
How do I order a Powerchip Gold98 for my M5?
You can download the datasheets for the BMW E39 M5 Powerchip upgrade at www.powerchipgroup.com, or call (03) 9681 6888 to secure a booking for your Powerchip software.

The upgrade itself costs $1990, and can be performed while you wait in Sydney and Melbourne. For all other states, Powerchip guarantees same day turn-around, meaning your M5 is only off the road for one full day.
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