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Does Powerchip offer an upgrade for my E60 M5?
Powerchip is excited to announce that they have released the much anticipated software upgrade for the M5.

The R&D Department at Powerchip spent an extensive amount of time after obtaining the M5's DME directly from BMW in 2004 before the vehicle was publicly released. For in depth technical information, check the M5 board.

The Powerchip Gold98 upgrade provides a more aggressive and lively M5 than the standard vehicle, meaning more fun on the road for the driver. This quick, simple, and easy upgrade transforms the way the V10 responds.
How does Powerchip upgrade my M5?
Powerchip Technicians electronically reflash the computer, meaning software is uploaded to the M5 DME directly with Powerchip software, rather than modifying the computer physically.

This ensures a far safer upgrade, and means your M5 is kept in original factory condition.

Using Powerchip's latest technology, the E60 will have the DME reprogrammed with performance software designed to get the very best available from the reserves of the V10.
Will the Powerchip increase the power of the car?
The BMW E60 M5 has a program in the computer called 'dyno mode'. When the car is on the dyno, with the front wheels stationary and the rear wheels driving, the computer changes the program to a closed loop dyno mode; that means the performance at the wheels cannot be modified, nor improved. Rather than claiming power outputs that many of our competitors faulsely advertise, we openly admit that we cannot make power on the dyno with an E60 M5.

But you don't drive your car on a dyno. The road is where the Powerchip makes the difference. And the confidence in the M5 Powerchip upgrade is reflected in the 14 day money-back performance guarantee.

We know from M5 owners who have already experienced the Powerchip in their cars that the V10 feels stronger and more eager to rev. We know that it improves the way the car responds, with better drivability, and more fun.
What will the Powerchip software change?
Powerchip upgrades are all about improving drivability and having more fun on the road.

The E60 M5 is already an extremely well-tuned vehicle, but like most cars, there are still tolerances left in the car.

Powerchip software modifies ignition timing on part throttle driving (day-to-day) to run 98 octane specifically, ensuring a smoother delivery of the power from the V10.

Another aspect of the Powerchip upgrade that changes the way the M5 responds are the throttle response maps. In a drive-by-wire car such as the E60 M5, the throttle is linked directly with the DME. On both P500 and P500 Sport modes (P400 on request), Powerchip tunes for aggressive throttle reponse.
What our customers said:

"I managed to put a few hundred klms on the M5. Here's my thoughts........

"Noticed improvement mid range (which is what it needed), I did mange to give it a little blast from 100 to 180+ and it felt quicker and more responsive. Will have to wait until our NT trip to see the top end. It felt scarry good on the way to work this morning...... One big plus, When driving and slowed to turn into a street I forgot to change down and it stayed in 4th and just pulled without fuss up a slight hill.... "

Tony T, North Sydney

See picture left for the result of Tony's trip to NT
How do I order a Powerchip upgrade for my M5?
You can download the datasheets for the BMW E60 M5 Powerchip upgrade at www.powerchipgroup.com, or call (03) 9681 6888 to secure a booking for your Powerchip software.

The upgrade itself costs $1990, and can be performed while you wait in Sydney and Melbourne. For all other states, Powerchip guarantees same day turn-around, meaning your M5 is only off the road for one full day.
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