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Does Powerchip offer an upgrade for my BMW E60 530d?
BMW has been producing diesel variants for many years, with the first diesel 5 series appearing in the E34. Development has continued for many years, including a win with a 3 series diesel in the 1998 Nürburgring 24-hour race.

Peak torque of 480nm comes on tap just under 2000rpm in the 530d, with 160kw coming to play at only 4000rpm.

Powerchip has been able to extract large performance gains from the E60, transforming the way the car drives on the road.
Does the Powerchip give my 530d improved performance?
The Technicians of Powerchip's R&D Department got a nice surprise that exceeded their own expectations for the car.

The Powerchip Gold upgrade for the 3.0 litre diesel not only increases power right throughout the rev range, but continues the power band right up to redline. Completely transforming the car, the 5 series underwent intensive development to ensure the best upgrade possible.

The Powerchip Gold upgrade consists of flashing the car with upgraded software, extracting an extra 25kw and a mammoth 67nm from the 3.0d.

This transfers to real-world performance on the road. Delivering a huge rush of power and torque eagerly to all wheels and creating a huge transformation from standard specification.
How does Powerchip enhance my 530d?
Powerchip Technicians electronically reflash the computer, meaning software is uploaded to the 530d DME directly with Powerchip software, rather than modifying the computer physically.

This ensures a far safer upgrade, and means your E60 is kept in original factory condition.

Using Powerchip's latest technology, the E60 will have the DME reprogrammed with performance software designed to get the very best available from the reserves of the 3.0 litre.
What will the Powerchip software change?
Powerchip invests a significant amount of time and money into developing our upgrades, and the Powerchip Gold for the 530d is no exception.

A specific emphasis is placed on road development. Powerchip prides itself on creating performance upgrades that make real-world differences, not just squiggly lines on a dyno. Part throttle improvements are where the biggest increases are made and noticed, as this is where 90% of people actually drive their cars.

A great deal of care is taken when upgrading diesel engines. Powerchip ensures a fine balance between ignition timing and duration, turbo boost, and torque limits to ensure that throttle response, drivability, and longevity are not compromised.
Why is Powerchip the best tuner?
There are many aspects to software that mean the difference between an average tune, and the best tune.

Although Powerchip do develop their upgrades on the dyno at WOT, they understand that it does not always translate to 'real-world' driving.

On-road development is a major factor in designing performance upgrades for vehicles at Powerchip. Part throttle power is where the biggest tolerances are kept in engines, and due to the fact that this is where most cars are driven on a day-to-day basis, is where the Powerchip upgrades are most noticable.

The picture on the left is an example of a dyno run (on a Mercedes-Benz ML320CDi) in which peak power is improved by 25kw over standard. Despite the fact that 'peak power' is 25kw more, it has been achieved far earlier, and held right through to redline. In the low to mid rev range, the car produces 50 extra kilowatts at all wheels! In acceleration tests, the vehicle with the Powerchip software would beat the stock car in no uncertain terms.

Powerchip openly admits it is probably the most conservative tuner around, for the simple fact that they design the upgrades for drivability and longevity, and not for pure horsepower.
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