Z-Series 297KW 6.0 V8 - Z

Powerchip Releases 6.0L Upgrades!
After two years of research and development, Powerchip is proud to announce that our Holden Z-Series 6.0L V8 upgrades are now available!

The Powerchip performance software has been designed in-house, and is uploaded to the vehicle directly through the diagnostic port located under the steering wheel.

Much public demand for the 6.0L upgrade put the final phase of R&D into top gear. The results mean a far more fun car to drive, with far improved throttle response and a more lively engine.
What Will The Powerchip Change?
Powerchip invests a significant amount of time and money into developing their upgrades, and the Powerchip Gold98 for the 6.0L is no exception.

A specific emphasis is placed on road development. Powerchip prides itself on creating performance upgrades that make real-world differences, not just squiggly lines on a dyno. Part throttle improvements are where the biggest increases are made and noticed, as this is where 90% of people actually drive their cars.

The engines fuelling and timing maps are modified to run with 98 octane fuel, ensuring the best driving experience from the V8 engine at all times.
Does The Powerchip Give My HSV Better Performance?
The Powerchip 6.0L upgrade has been eagerly anticipated by the public, due to the popularity of the 5.7L upgrades that Powerchip developed extensively.

The Powerchip upgrade dramatically improves the eagerness of the V8, and generally the way the car feels.

Peformance can be increased on the 6.0L by 20kw, meaning real-world improvements that translate into real fun on the road.

Despite there not being quite as much power left in the 6.0L than there is in the 5.7L, the upgrade is definately worthwhile for any true driving enthusiast.
Is The Powerchip Safe For My HSV?
Absolutely. In the past, chip upgrades have required the physical chip to be desoldered from the ECU board, programmed, then soldered back into the ECU.

The Powerchip upgrade for the HSV is programmed directly via the diagnostic port, located under the steering wheel.

This means there is no physical modification done to the car, as the Powerchip is purely software. Obviously, this is far safer for the vehicle.

Another advantage is the vehicle can be returned to standard at any time. As Powerchip holds all standard files on our database, if a vehicle ever needed to be 'flashed' back to stock, it would be as quick, simple, and easy as the original upgrade.
Just nowhere near as fun!
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