MX-5 SE 1.8 Turbo - NB

Does Powerchip offer an upgrade for my Mazda MX-5 SE Turbo?
Powerchip is excited to announce that they have released the much anticipated software upgrade for the MX-5 Turbo.

The Powerchip Gold98 upgrade provides a more aggressive and lively MX-5 than the standard vehicle, meaning more fun on the road for the driver. This quick, simple, and easy upgrade transforms the way the engine responds.
How does Powerchip upgrade my MX-5?
The Powerchip upgrade for the MX-5 SE consists of two areas. The first is adding an adjuster to increase the boost pressure of the turbo, and is a common improvement on standard turbo engines. The second part consists of re-flashing the ECU with specially engineered Powerchip software, designed for the increase in boost.

This means the 1.8L turbo engine will have the right amount of fuel and timing for the boost pressure, ensuring an linear rush of power.
Does the Powerchip software give my Mazda better performance?
Powerchip currently owns two MX-5s in their fleet, so they've a lot of experience re-mapping Mazda computers.

The Powerchip upgrade dramatically improves the eagerness of the engine, and generally the way the car feels.

Performance can be increased on the MX-5 turbo by 16kw, meaning real-world improvements that translate into real fun on the road. Torque is also improved by an awesome 30nm!
Why is Powerchip the best tuner?
There are many aspects to software that mean the difference between an average tune, and the best tune.

The majority of "tuners" simply design software for outright kilowatts at the wheels, at Wide Open Throttle (WOT). It is, in simple terms, tuning a car to within an inch of its life.

Although Powerchip do develop their upgrades on the dyno at WOT, they understand that it does not always translate to 'real-world' driving.

On-road development is a major factor in designing performance upgrades for vehicles at Powerchip. Part throttle power is where the biggest tolerances are kept in engines, and due to the fact that this is where most cars are driven on a day-to-day basis, is where the Powerchip upgrades are most noticable.

The picture on the left is an example of a dyno run (on a Mercedes-Benz ML320CDi) in which peak power is improved by 25kw over standard. Despite the fact that 'peak power' is 25kw more, it has been achieved far earlier, and held right through to redline. In the low to mid rev range, the car produces 50 extra kilowatts at all wheels! In acceleration tests, the vehicle with the Powerchip software would beat the stock car in no uncertain terms.

Powerchip openly admits it is probably the most conservative tuner around, for the simple fact that they design the upgrades for drivability and longevity, and not for pure horsepower.
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