A6 3.0 TDi Quattro

Does Powerchip offer an upgrade for my Audi A6 3.0L TDi?
The A6 3.0L TDi (turbo diesel) has been gaining momentum -- in more ways than one.

Powerchip has released an incredible upgrade for the A6, named 'Best Luxury Car.' The Powerchip upgrade completely changes the dynamic of the vehicle, for the better.

With the A6 saloon accounting for 42% of Audi's total Australian sales, and diesels now making up 50% of their sales world-wide, Powerchip has been working hard to ensure they are at the forefront of leading performance software for all Audi (and all VW family) cars.

Peak power in the A6 flat-lines at around 4000rpm, producing a respectable 165kw before dropping off; effectively making the car undriveable during high-rpm acceleration or overtaking procedures.

Improving a vehicle that is considered to be the best luxury car -- in such a dramatic way -- can only be a good thing.
Does the Powerchip give my A6 improved performance?
The Technicians of Powerchip's R&D Department got a nice surprise that exceeded their own expectations for the car.

The Powerchip Gold upgrade for the 3.0L TDi not only increases power right throughout the rev range, but continues the power band right up to redline. Completely transforming the car, the A6 was upgraded with Powerchip software via the diagnostic port.

The Powerchip Gold upgrade consists of flashing the car with upgraded software, extracting an extra 41kw and a mammoth 103nm (with peak torque occurring from 1400 to 3250rpm) from the TDi.

This transfers to real-world performance on the road. Delivering a huge rush of power and torque eagerly to all wheels, creating a huge transformation from standard specification.
How does Powerchip enhance my A6 TDi?
Over the past six months, the Senior Technicians of Powerchip's R&D Department together with our Research Partners have been working on Powerflash, the next generation of performance software equipment.

The new technology allows the upgrading of the Audi A6 3.0L TDi with Powerchip software directly through the diagnostic port; rather than modifying the ECU physically.

Powerflash marks a brand new era for Powerchip and the performance chip industry at large. If you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, or Perth, you can have your A6 TDi upgraded with Powerchip technology tomorrow, while you wait.

The Powerchip Gold upgrade through Powerflash takes very little time, and does not even need the bonnet to be opened. This means that physically nothing changes on your A6, and your time is kept to a minimum.
Is the Powerchip safe for my Audi?
Absolutely. In the past, chip upgrades have required the physical chip to be desoldered from the ECU board, programmed, then soldered back into the ECU.

The Powerchip upgrade for the A6 is programmed directly via the diagnostic port, located under the steering wheel.

This means there is no physical modification done to the car, as the Powerchip is purely software. Obviously, this is far safer for the vehicle.

Another advantage is the vehicle can be returned to standard at any time. As Powerchip holds all standard files on our database, if a vehicle ever needed to be 'flashed' back to stock, it would be as quick, simple, and easy as the original upgrade.
Just nowhere near as fun!
What will the Powerchip software change?
Powerchip invests a significant amount of time and money into developing our upgrades, and the Powerchip Gold for the A6 TDi is no exception.

A specific emphasis is placed on road development. Powerchip prides itself on creating performance upgrades that make real-world differences, not just squiggly lines on a dyno. Part throttle improvements are where the biggest increases are made and noticed, as this is where 90% of people actually drive their cars.

A great deal of care is taken when upgrading diesel engines. Powerchip ensures a fine balance between ignition timing and duration, turbo boost, and torque limits to ensure that throttle response, drivability, and longevity are not compromised.
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